Big Ups to the Bog Supporters

By June 4, 2014 No Comments

Well, now that the dust has settled from recording the new album, spring planting, and an overall busy couple months, it’s certainly time to say “THANK YOU!.” We owe so much gratitude to all the folks who have been supporting us, especially in the last couple months as we’ve been working to get this band off the ground.

Whether it’s coming to our shows, spreading the word, selling tickets, voting on Searchlight, giving us high-fives on the street, or pre-ordering the album, every bit counts and we can’t say thank you enough.

Long story short: the fundraiser was a huge success and we’ve been working hard to put that money to work. The studio sessions are paying off and to say the least we’re pretty stoked on what it’s becoming. Stay tuned for album updates and official release date.

You Boggers are incredible and there’s no better reason to get on stage than to play for people like you!

Danny sayin' "Thank ya'll!"

Danny sayin’ “Thank ya’ll!”

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